Why Shoppers Are Abandoning Carts

You’ve been looking at your stats and wonder why people are leaving your shopping cart before making the transaction. According to online shoppers from PayPal and comScore the top reason for shoppers to leave their cart was shipping fees. Customers are getting ready to check out and are shocked by the total after shipping costs. Since this seems to be such a concern among shoppers, promoting shipping discounts on your site, in-store, and just about anywhere you advertise seems to be a must in this market.

Many online shoppers are also looking for bargains, researching goods and services online, comparison shopping, shopping close to home, and want excellent customer support. More shoppers, 13% more, are turning to the convenience of shopping and buying online, however, if they aren’t finding what they want within the first few seconds, they’re gone.

“But unlike anxious online buying pioneers, buyers today are not worried about site security or whether their goods will ever ship. Instead, savvy online shoppers are looking for bargains. MarketLive said increased comparison shopping and search engine use caused the rise in cart abandonment.” EMarketer.