Wedding Night Lingerie – a Last Minute Guide

If you are a soon to be bride or the bride’s best friend or the sister then you know all about the fuss of shopping for hot dresses for honeymoon. But imagine a situation when the bride does not have enough intimate wear to pull off her wedding night and honeymoon. It is very possible that the lingerie collection got undermined and the bride, at the last minute feels that more stuff can be added to her intimate closet. When there are days and months to plan, one is able to picture and get the perfect clothes for their honeymoon but when the timeline is scarce then to get the right lingerie can be a challenge. The following tips will help you in buying honeymoon lingerie when there is limited time.

Where to buy

Honeymoon special nighty has to be just right to create the perfect mood and settings. When there is time one would browse endlessly through magazines and catalogues to find what they like and create a vision of themselves wearing similar lingerie. The biggest question is where to get your nighty for honeymoon? The answer is simple – at short notice, buying lingerie online is better. Amidst the wedding preparations you will neither have the time nor the patience that is required to shop for lingerie from physical stores. Not to mention the embarrassment of explaining how sexy the nighty for honeymoon should be. Online stores offer a great variety that can make him go weak in the knees. Browsing is easy and so is the placement of order and its delivery too.

What to buy?

It is fascinating that the online lingerie in India has advanced so much with literally flooding number of styles and brands of lingerie available. But when on a timeline this can easily turn into a problem. How can you make a choice of what to buy when there are so many options? Go for styles that are suitable to your body type because they are sure to look good. You can stick to your existing brand preferences but make sure that you select an online store that is reputed and will send you what is shown on the site. is one of India’s leading online stores which will send quality goods to you at the right time. Your sexy Night Gaun for honeymoon is not something that you will want to jeopardize because of anything.

How to buy?

The ordering process for your wedding lingerie is simple. It is like ordering anything else online except that the delivery is done discreetly and you will not be having marketing material from the company, which makes the whole purchase a private thing. Your nighty for honeymoon will arrive just in time for you to use it because lingerie offers express shipping where in fact orders are shipped out on the same day if it has been placed before 5 PM. Expect your order in 48 hours if you are in any metro or major city. The brands are authentic and you get a valid invoice when you make a purchase. The payment options are also just as any other kind of online shopping, you can pay by cash or card.