Wedding dress designers

If any of you out there are wedding dress designers, you have a big opportunity to tap into a literally untouched market: Older brides.

Do your own quick research. Conduct a few searches online and see what results you get. If you’re over 35 and a bride-to-be, your options appear to be very simple (certainly make the decision making process easier). One, you can buy a silk skirt suit. Or two, buy a silk skirt suit.

It is painfully clear that the wedding dress/gown industry has not caught up to the twenty-first century! What, you’re not supposed to get married in a wedding dress once you turn 35? Rubbish. And God forbid you consider it any later than that, apparently.

So listen up designers and designers-to-be, these brides need you! While there are those like Demi Moore who could probably get away with wearing what twenty-year olds do, there are many others who’d love the same cut, but maybe with some sleeve. Or maybe they’d like something else all together, say something other than a suit or huge billowing skirt to choose between—being that they’re completely developed as human beings and all. What’s up Vera Wang, forget your own age group?

And hey, it’s not like you can’t design something stylish with sleeves and or a collar, is it? How about this gauntlet? Do it! It’s not like it’s Quantum physics; it’s clothing design. Up to the apparent challenge?