Stephanie Carlson brought designs clothes For Curvy Figure

Born in Germany and raised in Colorado, Stephanie Carlson has an extensive background to bring to the fashion community. She grew up in the town of Fort Collins and is now based out of Colorado. After working for years in corporate restaurant management, never feeling like she was on quite the right path or really happy with what she was doing with her life, she decided to pursue her love of fashion. Owning her own clothing brand has given Stephanie the freedom and happiness she always hoped to find.

She received her education from the Art Institute from  Colorado and she was only person to innovate a plus size collection for seniors . She initially started her education wanting to do costume design but slowly realized her passion lay in another direction. Stephanie worked tirelessly to put herself through school working nights in the emergency room, to achieve this goal. She was then employed as an apprentice.For the successful designer Anne Fanganello, where she studied extensively how to design for a plus size body. During this apprenticeship she learned how to create and produce entire collections, assisted with event and fashion show production, and embarked on building her own brand along the way. She was then asked by a boutique in Denver to do her own trunk show, and knowing that she had only samples, needed to produce clothes she could sell. In less than six months she decided on the colors, styles, and fabrics, put together a production team and produced her very first collection.

Stephanie is highly inspired by the women in her life and those she comes into contact with. She loves to listen to their opinions and struggles surrounding clothing and then is motivated by that challenge to come up with a solution. Being a curvy woman herself, therefore knowing the struggle of never finding clothing that fit correctly, she is determined to be the change in the industry for plus size women. She relishes in the joy of creating that perfect garment that a woman feels spectacular in.


Stephanie has had the opportunity to headline major fashion weeks here in Denver, CO, and has participated in many charity runway shows. Giving back to the community is extremely important to her, as it was this very community that has been instrumental in her success today. Hosting trunk shows has been a huge success for her and she hopes that this continues to grow at the fantastic rate it has been. As one of the only plus size designers in Colorado, she is earning quite a name for herself within the fashion community. Her brand Stephanie Carlson is growing rapidly and she just launched her second collection to rave reviews.

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