Reasons to Opt For Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are a bit different from Akoya seawater pearls. These pearls are quite precious and gorgeous jewelries are made out of them. No wonder they are always high on demand.

Freshwater pearls are grown in rivers, ponds and lakes. You find many of these pearl farms located in China. With technologies getting improved and better with time, the process of culturing pearls is getting superior. This way, not only are pearls being produced in huge quantity but a vast improvement is also being noticed in its quality as it is enhancing with time. The quality of it is getting quite as great as the Akoya pearls. Make sure to go through as it is a reliable pearl jewelry store online.

Freshwater Pearls Jewelry

Freshwater pearls are basically cultured pearls. Many of the freshwater pearl necklaces have been specifically designed along with pearls of similar sizes and styles. The size of these pearls goes up to 16 to 18 mm. The good part about these pearls are even though they are expensive, you need not spend a fortune to get one. Producing these pearls has not only been fruitful for the jewelry industry in enhancing their sale but at the same time from a customer’s point of view, it’s been equally productive too. The quality of these pearls is great and looks quite classy too. To top it all, they look extremely attractive too.

About 95% of these pearls are produced in China alone

When it comes to freshwater pearls, about 95% of them are cultured in China. During the 1950s, the government of China, worked hard and started to invest hugely on eminent and advanced technologies required for pearl cultivation. Now after about 30 years of hard work, it has become an arena of an all inclusive cultivation industry. They have their very own cultivation ground, building, cultivation technique; manufacture jewelries of different kinds and lastly sending it to the wholesale market. All in all, today about 95% of Freshwater pearl jewelry is produced in China alone and then it is sold all across the world.

Colors Available

 Freshwater pearl jewelry and necklaces are available in a flotilla of gorgeous colors such as white, black, lavender, pink, peach and many more. Not only are they attractive to look at, you could even afford them and they exude a very classy appeal. If you wish to present something special to your daughter, your female friend or your special someone, then this is a great option that would never go wrong. Freshwater pearl necklaces and jewelries make an amazing gifting option and are quite valued too.